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Robert Dickow dickow at uidaho.edu
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But what about all that plant sap I am washed in eating my mixed green
salad? How disgusting and cruel! (But, ya gotta eat, right?)
Anybody want to join my Plants Rights Society?
(0)    Plants are the basis of life and are superior in many ways (open
growth, make their own food, etc). 
(1)    Animals (which includes humans, you may be surprised to learn) depend
on them for their existence. 
(2)    No harm shall come to plants in making of video or films.
(3)    It is immoral for humans to eat plants exclusively.
. and there are several more points on which I (no other members yet) base
the society's principals. See my posting from about 5 years ago outlining
the Society. It is time we honored and respected plants for what they are.
Superior beings!
Bob Dickow, troublemaker
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Sorry, Arnold. 
Hasn't  it occurred to you that perhaps vegetarians, both religious and
secular, find the idea of being washed in the blood of a slaughtered animal
Do you have any other jokes about Jews or Muslims too, or is your
deprecating humor limited to only one religion?
Donovan Arnold
Ralph wrote:
Thank you, Nick, for this interesting column. It reminds me of an  
anecdote an old friend told me some years ago.
A man in a streetcar was seated beside an enthusiastic, evangelistic,  
old lady.  She turned to the man beside her and asked, in a loud  
voice, "Young man, have you been washed in the Blood of the Lamb?" To  
which the man replied, "Good heavens, no, ma'am, I'm a vegetarian!"
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