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The hypocrisy of society really irks me to no end. It allows child molesters and wife beaters to get married but not law abiding tax paying gays and lesbians because it is "immoral". Geesh, what is so moral about today's marriages? Honestly, once you allow a convicted serial child molester to get married and have children under their authority, you really have surrendered any claim to righteousness or morality. 
Donovan Arnold

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Among the clearer indications that there is something fundamentally wrong with Christ Church is its attitude and behavior toward Sitler, first hiding his acts from all but their own narrow "community" and then seeking his early release. I've said it before but it is one thing for Doug Wilson to think he is an expert in religion and philosophy, even though he has no terminal degree in either area; it is another for him to think he is an expert in psychology and the behavior of sex offenders. That arrogance presents a danger to the community.

And no I'm not saying that ONLY those with terminal degrees are experts! It is one indication, though, of expertise. Someone with NO terminal degree might have a chance of being an expert in one area but three? It could happen but it is unlikely.

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Hi Tom and Visionaries,
Because "Concerned" isn't concerned enough to sign his/her name we can
easily dismiss his/her opinions. The damage that Steven Sitler has done
should not be forgotten. His victims were too young to defend themselves
against his predatory behavior; Tom gives those children a voice by posting
the annual, legally required photograph of this child molesting creep.  No
doubt Mr. Sitler is salivating over the prospect of June 11th wedding.
Happily (for him) he continues to enjoy the support and blessing of Moscow's
own Christ Church pastor and elders who have, apparently, put Sitler's
predation among their community aside to help him celebrate his upcoming
Rose Huskey

Visionaires -

This posting is in response to a website contact I had received via

As the poster of this contact felt it unnecessary to identify him/herself,
I shall address him/her as "Concerned" and respond to him/her publicly
from this forum.

The posting, created by "Concerned" is as follows:


Name:             Concerned
Remote Name:
Remote User:
Date:             Tuesday April 26, 2011
Time:             02:43:30


Wouldn't the posting of all these legal documents, along with personal
letters and photographs constitute harassment? Sex offenders are a
problem.  Particularly ones who are at high risk to repeat.  But making
their life more difficult doesn't help anyone.  I'm really not impressed
by this display I encountered.  I hope this young man is somehow able to
get himself fully under control and not reoffend.  But this is harassment.


The website to which Concerned refers:



My response . . .


No, Concerned.  This is not harrassment.  It is a matter of public record.

EVERY item on the site was obtained either through a public records
request or from the Idaho Sex Offender Registry at:


The information and documents reflecting that information has been vetted
more than President Obama's Certificate of Live Birth.  As such I am
reassured in maintaining this information as is.

I would like to thank you, though, Concerned.  Your contact served as a
reminder for me to update Mr. Sitler's photo, which I promptly obtained
from the aforementioned Idaho Sex Offender Registry.  For that I am

On a sidebar:  I understand that congratulations are in order for Mr.
Sitler and his June nuptials.

Note to Concerned:  Please continue to post your contacts.  I do
appreciate your reminders.

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"The Pessimist complains about the wind, the Optimist expects it to
changeand the Realist adjusts his sails."

 - Unknown

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