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I spent several days in July wandering around southern Arizona, showing my wife where I grew up, visiting old friends and seeing what has changed since my last visit.
After being closely watched as we parked in the downtown Nogales area, just yards from the border to get a closer look at "the wall", being followed as we traveled the back roads near Arivaca and having to pass through Border Patrol checkpoints despite never having left United States soil, I have come to a conclusion:
The U.S. must legalize ALL drugs and tax the hell out of them.
This "war on drugs" has destroyed Nogales and the surrounding areas. A grade school I went to is having a large fence built around it, this after a BP agent went tearing through school grounds in an SUV while chasing someone. My old high school, which is now an alternative high school, has chain link topped by barbed wire around most of the campus, giving it the feel of a prison, not a school.
The entire city of Nogales has a weird vibe to it, mind you it has always been a tough border town, but this is different. There is an ominus feeling that was never there before, it permeates the city, one can feel it in stores, on the street and in restaurants. Even my wife commented on it and asked how we could have lived there for so long. I told her it wasn't like that when I was younger.
The area around Arivaca, a hamlet in the middle of the Sonoran Desert northeast of Nogales, is also much changed. At one time you'd be lucky if you passed 3 or 4 cars between Arivaca and Amado a distance of about 25 miles. We encountered no less than 26 during the trip there and back, not including those at the checkpoint.
I stopped a few times to get out take photos and point out things to my wife along the Arivaca Road and Ruby Road, which leads south to Nogales. On two occasions a BP truck parked where its occupant could observe us, once on the Arivaca Road and the other one Ruby Road where I got out to look over the property my parents used to own.
The solitude of the desert was shattered several times as choppers flew past, including one Blackhawk.
If you want to know what it is like to be in a police state, spend some time south of Tucson.
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> Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers of California
> (with locations in Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, Camarillo, City of
> Industry, Woodland Hills, Lawndale, Santa Ana, San Diego, Norco)
> http://www.mmecdoctors.com/
> They advertise in the San Francisco Chronicle.
> WAKE UP, Idaho!!!
> Tom Hansen
> Reno, Nevada
> On Sat, September 18, 2010 2:01 pm, Bill London wrote:
> > Fwd: Returned mail: see transcript for detailsTom Trail sent this draft of
> > the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act ..(attached)...He is requesting input and
> > ideas
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