[Vision2020] Six Gen. IV Reactor Designs: All Advance Sustainability, Economics, Safety, Reliability, Proliferation

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Sun Sep 19 13:11:05 PDT 2010

An excerpt from the websites below on Generation IV nuclear reactors

"However, it is significant that to address non-proliferation concerns, the
fast neutron reactors are not conventional fast breeders, ie they do not
have a blanket assembly where plutonium-239 is produced.  Instead, plutonium
production takes place in the core, where burn-up is high and the proportion
of plutonium isotopes other than Pu-239 remains high.  In addition, new
reprocessing technologies will enable the fuel to be recycled without
separating the plutonium."

Generation IV Nuclear Reactors

(updated June 2010)

   - *An international task force is developing six nuclear reactor
   technologies for deployment between 2020 and 2030. Four are fast neutron
   - *All of these operate at higher temperatures than today's reactors. In
   particular, four are designated for hydrogen production.*
   - *All six systems represent advances in sustainability, economics,
   safety, reliability and proliferation-resistance.*


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