[Vision2020] Frontier (was Verizon) DSL

Mike Deleve coolerfixer at roadrunner.com
Wed Sep 15 12:30:45 PDT 2010

We've been having trouble with Time/Warner internet being slow as well. 
Might be related to a new crop of students with smartphones overwhelming the 
trunk line feeding the area. Just a guess.

Mike DeLeve'

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>I couldn't think of a better place than here to ask . . .
> For those of you with Frontier/Verizon DSL "high speed" Internet, have any
> of you noticed things being slower?
> I don't know the technical details of my question so I'm not sure where 
> the
> problem lies (any explanation would be appreciated), but I've been 
> noticing
> that Web pages are taking longer to be "found" after I click on hyperlinks
> I've been using -- I've checked, and the links are still correct. 
> Streaming
> video often doesn't seems as smooth as it used to be, downloading songs 
> from
> Amazon & iTunes seems to be a bit slower, and uploading seems to have 
> slowed
> to a crawl.  At first, I thought it was just me/my computer, but I was
> ranting to myself the other night, and my dh mentioned that he'd noticed 
> it,
> too.  I checked my laptop & I'm seeing the same thing there.
> I'm getting various results on speed & ping tests, not that I know what
> those mean, but they are tests that I've run fairly regularly (every month
> or two), and I've never seen results -- especially ping & upload -- scores
> as poor as I seem to regularly be seeing recently.
> Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
> Saundra
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