[Vision2020] Her View: Land swap would benefit all parties

Dave tiedye at turbonet.com
Tue Sep 7 18:10:45 PDT 2010

 From Her (Employer's) View:
> Some critics of this exchange have claimed that the federal government 
> and the American people are getting the raw end of this deal and 
> receiving "devastated" or "barren" land. This could not be further 
> from the truth. These lands have been well managed for more than 100 
> years.
> Healthy, well-stocked plantations cover many of the sections. Other 
> parcels contain stands of well-spaced trees with multiple age classes. 
> Yes, these private sections look different from many of the older 
> stands on the current federal land, but it does not mean they are not 
> healthy. These lands have been managed for timber production - 
> millions of board feet have fed local mills and provided good paying 
> jobs for both timber and mill workers as well as many other supporting 
> industries for over a century. 

This is the part which irks me .  Not only has the checkerboard idea 
devastated the squares that have been logged, but the adjacent logging 
has ruined the ecology of our lands too.   The damage is so severe you 
can see it from space for cripes sake.

It was thought at the time, a time when the Fed's were bribing the 
railroads to put lines in with massive amounts of land, that the 
checkerboard would spread out and minimize the damage from the 
logging.   This was based on the "best" science of the time, president 
Lincoln's time.  The term "ecology" was unknown.

Nice letter Blake, can you work this in there?


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