[Vision2020] The Untruths of Glenn Beck and America's Honor

Garrett Clevenger garrettmc at verizon.net
Wed Sep 1 14:32:44 PDT 2010

Beck is a demagogue, delusional and dangerous.

There's nothing wrong with God, just some of God's followers.

It seems Beck would be comfortable in Iran.  After all, it's the same god followed by extremely devout people. Is that what Beck wants here?

America is not a theocracy.  There are very good reasons to not let someone else's faith in God dictate how we live, including our First Amendment specifically trying to keep religion out of government and vise-versa.

People who use their god to justify their behaviors, especially in light of the hypocrisy of it all, shouldn't be given so much attention.  

Not sure how Beck got to get his status (Divine intervention, of course. Maybe that's why he's jealous of Obama being the "Chosen One"?) but if I had my way, I wouldn't need to be writing this email because Beck wouldn't be needed to be brought back to Earth.


Garrett Clevenger

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