[Vision2020] rosey future for rabid liberal at loose ends?

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Hey, if Olbermann knowingly violated his employers' policies, he got what he ought to have gotten.  No scandal there.

But the question of  Fox News being "fair and balanced" obscures the real point, which is whether or not Fox News is really "news."  I don't think we need to have the lexicography battle that we've been having over "to bear," but no one who's ever produced, studied, or benefited from real journalism -- real news gathering and news reporting -- would seriously suggest that Fox is "news" in any way, shape, or form.  

Fox News is nothing more than "Open Mic Night" in a room full of culturally insecure, frightened and naive Christian conservatives trying to earn the respect of the swaggering rich, important guys across the bar.  The rich guys drink better beer and drive more expensive cars, but the Religious Right has some really attractive sisters they bring to the ball, and that makes everyone in the room fast friends -- to the enrichment of the guys operating the microphone.


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Subject: [Vision2020] rosey future for rabid liberal at loose ends?

Anybody care to speculate on how 
long it takes for unceremoniously sacked  MSNBC hack, Keith 
Olbermann to swallow what little pride he may have left and accept 
a position along side Alan Colmes, Mara Liasson, Juan Williams, Bob 
Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Susan Estrich, Tammy Bruce, Pat Caddell, etc. over 
at what appears to be the only fair and balance news source, FOX? The idea 
of watching him on Sean Hannity's show makes me laugh just thinking about 

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