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Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at verizon.net
Thu Mar 4 23:10:08 PST 2010

On Thursday 04 March 2010 08:39:15 the lockshop wrote:
> Disgraceful behavior of the GOP during the civil rights era?

Attitudes within states and congressional districts concerning what 
represents disgraceful behavior change with the times. During the 
civil rights era attitudes toward change among the southern states' 
delegations were more recalcitrant than among other regions'.

> What did Robert Byrd, Howard W. Smith, James O. Eastland, Albert
> Gore, Sr., J. William Fulbright, Jimmy Byrnes, Hugo Black, Ernest
> Hollings, Sam Ervin, Richard Russell, George Wallace, Orval Faubus,
> Lester Maddox, etc, etc, etc, all have in common?

All of them represented former Confederate States of America in the 
United States Senate or House of Representatives.

> Heres a hint for the slow, the young, and those with an excess of   
> sanctamony, it wasn't an R following their names.

If R is taken to mean "Regional South", former CSA states, it reflects 
a commonality with a substantial impact on the vote distribution.

Vote totals for the 1964 Civil Rights Act (in "Yea-Nay" format):

    * The original House version: 290-130   (69%-31%)
    * Cloture in the Senate: 71-29   (71%-29%)
    * The Senate version: 73-27   (73%-27%)
    * The Senate version, as voted on by the House: 289-126   

Regional area of origin rather than party affiliation strongly 
determined voting behavior of the federal legislators:

"Southern" refers to members of Congress from the eleven states that 
made up the Confederate States of America in the American Civil 
War. "Northern" refers to members from the other 39 states, 
regardless of the geographic location of those states.

The original House version:

    * Southern Democrats: 7-87   (7%-93%)
    * Southern Republicans: 0-10   (0%-100%)

    * Northern Democrats: 145-9   (94%-6%)
    * Northern Republicans: 138-24   (85%-15%)

The Senate version:

    * Southern Democrats: 1-20   (5%-95%) (only Senator Ralph 
Yarborough of Texas voted in favor)
    * Southern Republicans: 0-1   (0%-100%) (this was Senator John 
Tower of Texas)
    * Northern Democrats: 45-1   (98%-2%) (only Senator Robert Byrd of 
West Virginia opposed the measure)
    * Northern Republicans: 27-5   (84%-16%) (Senators Barry Goldwater 
of Arizona, Bourke Hickenlooper of Iowa, Edwin L. Mechem of New 
Mexico, Milward L. Simpson of Wyoming, and Norris H. Cotton of New 
Hampshire opposed the measure)



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