[Vision2020] [corrected links] Concerning BSU Prez' "Nasty and Inebriated" statement

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Jul 28 17:56:54 PDT 2010

Yo! Phil! -


There is a local-run store right here in Vandalville that will create
t-shirts based on customer input.  We have until  . . . say . . . November
5th (a week before THE GAME) to get t-shirts printed.


Wanna hookup offline and discuss the boundless possibilities?


Another thought:  Although I am certain that this idea will not grow legs,
how about . . .


If the "Powers That Be" at UI were able to obtain a one-time copyright
license to play, just as the Vandals take the field on November 12th . . .




Or perhaps the seldom heard Larry Craig/Janet Jackson duet version . . .




How about it, guys?


Seeya round.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


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"Nasty and Inebriated"


When do the t-shirts and bumper stickers come out?  :)


I was thinking about this today... If anyone wants to do the research, I'm
going to bet good money that you'll find more public intoxication citations
on a football Saturday in Boise than you would on a football Saturday in


So, which part of the state can lay claim to the culture of inebriation?


For the nasty, Boise wins hands down.  I lived there for 13 years, I should
know.  I still remember walking into Golden Corral and the host looking at
my Vandal hat and saying, "I shouldn't even let you in here with that hat."


Anyway, I still want the t-shirt...



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