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Idaho No. 1 in nation in state government job cuts
Submitted by Dan Popkey on Fri, 07/23/2010 - 7:36am.  
Idaho reduced state jobs by 6.9 percent between June 2009 and June  2010, 
leading the nation in state government employment cuts, says the  Rockefeller 
Institute of Government.
Relying on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data released this week,  the 
Rockefeller Institute says 28 states cut state employment, while 18  added state 
jobs. Idaho was easily the biggest job trimmer, trailed by  Hawaii, which cut 
4.5 percent of state jobs; Connecticut and Wisconsin,  down 4.2 percent; 
Arizona, down 3.8 percent; Vermont, down 3 percent;  and California, down 2.7 
For the same period, Idaho local government, including public  schools, added 
jobs, growing 2.7 percent. Private employment was down  0.8 in Idaho from June 
2009 to June 2010, according to the institute. 

Educational services employment rose by 2.1 percent in Idaho, but the 
Rockefeller Institute says cuts are on the way.
"With states continuing to face harsh fiscal realities, declines in  education 
employment are likely just beginning," write the institute's  Donald Boyd and 
Lucy Dadayan in a news release Friday. "Education  employment in particular has 
been propped up by federal stimulus funds,  which have been nearly exhausted in 
many states and will be essentially  unavailable after the 2010-11 school year. 
Anecdotal evidence suggests  that many school districts around the country have 
been reducing  teaching positions by attrition and by laying off teachers for 
the  2010-11 school year. More layoffs and other reductions are likely in the  
following year."
The pair also write: "For the nation as a whole, state government  employment is 
down 0.8 percent from its post-recession peak, and local  government employment 
is down 1.4 percent from the post-recession peak.  By contrast, private sector 
employment is down 6.8 percent."
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