[Vision2020] To HECK with the Current Moscow City Council . . .

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 . . . which has proven themselves to be beneath contempt.  GMA toadies:
ROT IN HECK -- you were warned that when you lied down with dogs like Walter
Steed, you come up with fleas . . . and worse, as evidenced below.  I think
it's safe to say that you'll not enjoy the benefit of crossover votes in the

I hope all People of God and Humanity will remember this travesty come
Election Time.

And, it's absolutely mind-boggling to me that the Council thinks rabies
vaccinations important ONLY in home child cares where there are unrelated
children.  Could they BE any more asinine?!?!

With particular gratitude to my offlist correspondent.

Council rescinds living wage resolution
Wage was set at $10.25 an hour in 2006
By Christina Lords Daily News staff writer

Posted on: Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Before voting on a motion that would eliminate the city of Moscow's
established living wage, Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney asked each of the City
Council members to consider one thing: Could they support themselves and
their families on a job that pays $7.25 an hour.

The established living wage allows city employees the provide the basic
living essentials for themselves and families, and lets the municipalities
set a good example for worker's pay, she said.

Councilman Walter Steed proposed repealing the resolution after Chaney asked
city staff and the council to revisit the established rate of $10.25 per
hour at the City Council's meeting Tuesday.

In August 2006, the City Council passed a resolution establishing a living
wage for city employees and businesses that maintain service contracts with
the city. A separate resolution passed by the council set the city's living
wage at $10.25.

The resolution only required the $10.25 per hour stipulation for full-time
employees and did not include temporary, seasonal or part-time help.

The lowest paid city employee is paid $11.95 an hour, said Human Resources
Director Leslie Moss.

City Supervisor Gary Riedner said the changes would not affect current city
of Moscow employees because of the city's established pay scale.

Council President Wayne Krauss questioned whether the resolution actually
made an impact on the city and argued setting a living wage dictated what
private enterprises could and could not pay their employees.

"I don't think (the resolution) was the right thing to do quite frankly," he

Councilmen Tim Brown, Dan Carscallen, Krauss and Steed voted in favor of the

Councilors Sue Scott and Tom Lamar voted against the motion to rescind the

Lamar said it would be a shame to rescind the resolution because it set a
good standard for the community.

The availability of jobs that offer a living wage are consistent concerns
for many Moscow residents, he said.

"We have this one small opportunity to set a tone, set a pace, set some
minimum levels with ... contractors that work with Moscow," Lamar said.

Scott said the resolution was a "great statement of intent" that set a
livable wage standard for the community.

Due to the economic recession and budgetary issues, she said she wanted to
see the council leave the living wage at $10.25 and revisit the resolution
at a later date.

In other business:

The council passed a proposed Day Care Ordinance revision that allows a
provider to work at more than one licensed facility, require rabies
vaccinations for dogs, cats and ferrets in a day care facility, exclude
related children and children watched in their own home from the definition
of day care and allow providers of day care to four or five children to be
registered annually, among other changes.

Council passed a joint resolution regarding the safety of U.S. Highway 95
from Moscow to Thorncreek Road. The resolution includes endorsements from
the Latah County commissioners and the North Latah County Highway District
Board of Directors.

Christina Lords can be reached at (208) 882-5561, ext. 301, or by e-mail to
clords at dnews.com.

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