[Vision2020] NRA push poll and membership drive

Shawn Clabough shawnc at outtrack.com
Tue Jul 6 23:30:09 PDT 2010

Anyone else get the call recently from the NRA doing a “poll” (i.e. push poll) letting everyone know to be very afraid that the UN/Obama/Hillary is about to take away all of your gun rights?  I have no major problem with the NRA, but the least they can do is use legitimate ways to spread their message instead of disguising it as a poll.  


I got the call today, and after listening to their recorded propaganda and the person came on the line to ask the question, “Do you think that countries such as North Korea…” and other evil countries should be able to control what you, etc., etc. I responded “yes”.  The person said, “Wait… what???”  Then he figured it out “oh, you’re being sarcastic”.  I told him that if they’re not doing a legitimate poll, then why should I give a legitimate answer?  Since this was just a hired marketing company, he then had to ask me if I would like to send them money for a membership.  I am on the do not call list, but of course their non-profit status exempts them from this.  He asked if I wanted to be placed on their do not call list, but I said no, I’d be glad to take up their time whenever their polling people again. J




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