[Vision2020] Say Whut?

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sat Jan 23 17:26:38 PST 2010

Yo, GS!

Care to share a reference to substantiate your claim that the UW president
supports undocumented aliens?

Or is this simply one of your many sophomoric attempts at "It's true
because I said so."


Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

> The UW president's approach is backwards - obtain legal status in the
> country THEN you may pursue the rights, privileges and opportunities
> of all citizens and those with legal status.  Doesn't matter if it's
> education, jobs, health care, bank loans, housing, day care, food
> stamps, whatever.  Legal first - "stuff" second.
> Quite simple really.  I'm surprised it had to be spelled out for you.
> GS

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