[Vision2020] Why you're not getting anywhere, Ted

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 20:35:09 PST 2010

Thanks for the amusing lobsters debating...

I don't expect to get anywhere, honestly.  But there are a few people I have
discussed climate science with who are more convinced now that there is
significant evidence human activity is altering climate.  So I have had an
impact.  But I don't realistically believe humanity will soon largely
address anthropogenic climate change, and the forces working to stop any
significant action are very powerful.  I won't be around when climate change
becomes so severe, as it appears likely it will, that people finally wake
up... But even then there will be skeptics saying human activity had little
or nothing to do with it.

What is interesting is that when I have posted scientific findings that are
skeptical of certain mainstream climate science views, the "skeptics" who I
have been in dialog with (all good scientists are skeptics, so I think this
way of describing the discussion is misleading) have sometimes ignored my
support for their skepticism.  There was no response to my post today on
climate scientist Pielke's criticisms of NASA/GISS temperature data.

I recall Roger Falen once noticing I was posting anthropogenic warming
skeptics opinions and data, and complementing that I was at least open
minded enough to study and post an opposing viewpoint.  He has repeatedly
made it clear he does not think human impacts on climate are very serious.

Ted Moffett

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