[Vision2020] Why you're not getting anywhere, Ted

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 17 17:20:51 PST 2010

You know, I wouldn't spend so much time trying to defend the skeptical 
viewpoint if it weren't for the following:

- Apparent data manipulations such as the hockey stick graph that erases 
the previously accepted medieval warm period and little ice age in order 
to show a politically powerful graph.

- Data chart manipulations such as splicing proxy data and temperature 
data together in order to make a graph show something that the proxy 
data didn't show, instead of throwing out the proxy data as unusable 
because it conflicted with the temperature data.

- Climate scientists doing back flips to avoid FOIA requests for data 
and having an adversarial relationship with anyone who has the nerve to 
question their findings instead of making any and all data freely 
available to the public.

- A climate (no pun intended) in which the main stream media has made 
people who question any part of the AGW-hypothesis out to be flat 
earthers or holocaust deniers, while promoting the most outlandish 
doomsday scenarios as if they were unquestionably true.

- The fact that the climate scientists mentioned above have the ear of 
the President and control the UN IPCC and have the potential to sink our 

and, lastly,

- The refusal of AGW-hypothesis proponents to talk about any of the 
above without using the refrain "please cite a peer reviewed paper", 
when the peer review process is controlled by these same individuals 
with political influence and who have threatened in the Climategate 
emails to manipulate that process if they had to.

I only look into this deeper because the whole things smells to me of 
bullshit, and because the more I look into it the more reason I have to 
believe that most of the current warming is natural and not man-made.  I 
could easily be wrong, but don't expect me to be shamed into silence any 
time soon.


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