[Vision2020] sexist

John Pool jpool at moscow.com
Wed Dec 22 19:56:41 PST 2010

I'm not sure who said what, but I know that when I first read the ".  A
woman. In public ." remark, I cringed.  IMVHO, Keely can go toe-to-toe with
anyone here intellectually and at the very least the match will be a draw.
While I'm sure she appreciates anyone who springs to her defense, I think
she can hold her own in the V arena without assistance, thank you very much.


John Pool


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I've been staying away from Vision, so I just came across both Joe's
statement and the one below.  I'm sure Joe didn't mean for it to sound as
sexist as it unfortunately did, and I appreciate the understanding that the
writer, whose "forwomeneverywhere" email address makes me want to meet her
or him some day, has of my ability to handle the tough stuff.  

Hey, at least no one called me "Mrs. Jeff Mix," which still occasionally
happens . . . 




Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 09:51:56 -0800
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Subject: [Vision2020] sexist



I am offended at how sexist this statement is:


"Keely and Crabtree got into a tussle recently and he dragged her all
through the mud. A woman. In public. Then she lost it and made some
insulting comment (which struck me as not too bad, by the way) and someone
jumped all over her."

Especially the "Awoman. In public" part.  Like because she is a woman she
suddenly can't argue with people if it gets a little rough.  Give me a
break, what an insult to all women everywhere.  Do we really need "Joe
Campells" all over the place defending us?  Icky.  I think Keely does just
fine on her own.

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