[Vision2020] Illegal Gardening -- Not!

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Black Helicopters!

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Subject: [Vision2020] Illegal Gardening -- Not!

Someone told me today that Congress is about to pass a bill that would make 
backyard gardening illegal, and organic gardening would be prohibited, slapped 
with 500,000 dollar fines, etc. I laughed a good one. But I peeked around the 
web and the notion seems to have taken some root in some corners. So, I read the 
Bill HR 875 which one forum site cited as the source of these perceived threats 
to our favorite heirloom tomatoes and string beans. Lo and behold, there is not 
ONE snip of anything in this particular bill which could be skewed to mean that 
backyard gardens are in any way threatened, nor are organic farms under attack 
by a nefarious plot to eliminate the practice. The whole notion is utterly 
hilarious. One of the sites that mentioned this legislation (which is dated Feb 
2009, but who reads bills these days?) was aligned somehow with Rand Paul, but 
I’ve lost the URL now. Are some folks going totally bonkers?
Bob Dickow, troublemaker

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