[Vision2020] Crusaders vs. Infidels: Moscow's Muscular Christianity

Joe Campbell philosopher.joe at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 01:18:51 PST 2010

OK this is my last post on this but let me just comment on one snowflake
from Darrell's last blizzard.

JOE: You call the NSA post a "new advertising campaign" but complain about
>> the recent NSA criticism on Vision 2020 because it is "rehashing the old" so
>> it "doesn't seem to be of benefit." But how can it be rehashing the "old" if
>> it is criticism of the "new" ad campaign? The ad campaign was just posted,
>> so criticism of it is "new," right?

> DARRELL: Yeah, it's a new campaign.  But has the product they are
> attempting to sell changed in any way?  No.  SSDD.  That's Same Stuff,
> Different Day.  They are still ultra-conservative christians with some views
> that many consider odd and/or offensive.  It is simply a new campaign
> selling the same ultra conservative dogma as they have always sold.  I doubt
> if it will change anyones position or deepen their understanding of them.

It would follow that any comment about any religious group or any religion
would be SSDD. As well as comments about most political parties or political
organizations or political issues. Pretty much most of the comments on the V
would be SSDD since I have yet to see one person change another person's
position when it comes to their core beliefs. Liberals are liberals, you're
either for global warming or against it, and conservative Christians hate
Muslims. No point discussing things since we all know what we all believe
and nothing will ever change. And pay no attention to the man behind the

Maybe you should just tell us what we can talk about, Darrell, and that
would make it easier. I'm sure it's a short list.

I'd like to deal with the rest of your post but it might be better if we
just talked about it in the school yard and didn't bother the other
folks. Or we could meet in the alley and I can throw you up against the wall
and take your wallet, now that I know you're not threatened by remarks like
these! Boy, I feel better already!
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