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Nick Gier suggests that an apology might be in order. If was convinced that=
 I had wronged Mrs. Mix=2C I would want to repent and seek her forgiveness.=
 In all seriousness=2C however=2C I think that the most offensive things on=
 that blog are the direct quotes from=2C and links to=2C her descriptions o=
f members of Christ Church and other Christians of their ilk=2C painting th=
em in various shades of "vile." I can't repent for her public statements=2C=
 although if I have seriously misquoted her or distorted her positions In t=
he course of criticizing her that might be something to repent of.

And I don't doubt or dispute that she has many fine qualities that surely e=
ndear her to people in her community. For example=2C she obviously has a de=
ep concern for the healing of the oppressed=2C downtrodden and broken peopl=
e of this world (at least those who managed to make it out of the womb in o=
ne piece). One of my reasons for criticizing her is because I share those c=
oncerns and want to see those people truly helped=2C which means employing =
solutions endorsed by the Bible. She has on more than one occasion describe=
d herself as essentially a utilitarian on matters of social policy: whateve=
r seems to help the people who need the most help the most=2C she's all for=
 it. Thing is=2C not only the Bible but also the secular philosophers long =
ago demonstrated the untenability of utilitarianism. Somehow that never see=
ms to stop people from trying to employ it as a guide to social policy.=20

Anyway=2C if I have something specific to repent of I'd certainly like to h=
ave that pointed out to me so I can change.

Eimy Reekenxlime
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