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My sincere suggestion would be that this kind of conduct may very well  
violate Japanese laws on cyberstalking and that the authorities in  
Japan, via the Japanese Embassy in DC should be contact, that the  
individual in question be investigated, convicted if crimes have been  
committed, and probably tossed out of Japan.

Now, having said that, is it better to have this idiot run free on the  
internet from Japan, or tossed out to come back to Moscow?


On Sep 23, 2009, at 10:30 AM, Gier, Nicholas wrote:

> Good Morning Visionaries,
> When Chris Witmer learned that I was traveling to Tokyo in December,  
> 2007, he invited me
> to have lunch with him while I was there.  I declined saying that I  
> was astounded that he thought
> that I would want to see him after all the nasty things he had said  
> about me and my friends.
> In a return e-mail he apologized profusely for any wrong that he had  
> done me, and urged me
> to reconsider lunch.  I answered that I didn't trust him and that  
> was the end of the matter.
> If Witmer could apologize to me, then certainly he can apologize to  
> Keely, one of the most
> eloquent and elegant ladies that I know.
> What about it, Chris??  If you were man enough to apologize to me,  
> then you are certainly man
> enough to apologize to Keely.  Of course, it has nothing to do with  
> "manliness"; it has everything
> to do with being a decent human being.
> And while you at it, shut down your vicious and perverse blog.
> We are eagerly waiting.
> Nick Gier
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> Gee, that got mangled pretty badly; let's try that again --
> Well nobody
> is approving of anti-gay violence, let alone homosexuals' violence
> against themselves and other homosexuals, but apparently the grieving
> parents had by that time managed to pull themselves together enough to
> reaffirm that 1) they had done right by their son by making no effort
> to get him to change and 2) rather than seeking to change homosexuals
> they would try to change society to accept homosexuals. And of course
> behind all that is the underlying assumption that biblical Christian
> morality is part of the problem. That being the case, I hardly think
> the gentle rebuke in that letter makes someone a "godless soul";
> however, perhaps you would like to put the same question to Joe and
> Marion Allen, whose son Bart was murdered by his homosexual live-in
> lover when he was trying to come out of homosexuality.
> Allen's parents, Joe and Marion, founded Hope for the Broken Heart
> after his tragic murder. They have spoken at numerous Exodus
> International events since then.
> When Bart was struggling with unwanted homosexual feelings, he sought
> out a counselor for help. The counselor, however, told him he was born
> gay. (No doubt Saundra Lund and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton would consider
> that to be good counsel.) According to Joe and Marion, "When Bart came
> out of her office, he looked like he had been given a death  
> sentence. I
> know this lady did not realize what she was doing . . . but she had
> told him he was born gay. She told him we were doing him an injustice
> by telling him this was wrong and he needed to go back [to the
> homosexual lifestyle].
> Bart Allen did go back to homosexuality, but he couldn't accept it.  
> His
> lover, however, refused to accept the fact that Bart wanted to leave
> homosexuality behind. While Bart was asleep, his partner strangled him
> to death with a dog leash.
> You can see and hear Joe and Marion Allen's testimony here (first of  
> two parts):
> http://www.vimeo.com/2532972
> No doubt it is easy for people who have not struggled with this sort  
> of
> thing in their own families to pass judgment on "godless"
> Bible-thumpers from a distance, especially in a way that very
> conveniently allows one to think of one's self as open-minded, loving,
> accepting, tolerant, etc.
> But the fact of the matter is, when homosexuality is embraced by  
> people
> who experience such temptations, it becomes a deathstyle for them in
> the fullest and truest, most tragic sense of that word. Especially for
> those of us who are struggling with such problems in our own families,
> we don't have the luxury of sitting back and telling people who are
> headed for damnation that they are just fine the way they are. If
> speaking such truth makes one a "godless soul" then I pray that such
> "godlessness" might flourish.
> Eimy Reekenxlime
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