[Vision2020] Happy Birthday, Slowhand

keely emerinemix kjajmix1 at msn.com
Mon Mar 30 10:31:26 PDT 2009

Hey, music icon MC Hammer's birthday is today, too!  Wow -- who'dve thought March 30 would give us two seminal rock 'n roll pioneers???

Someone revive Area Man and tell him I'm kidding.


From: areaman at moscow.com
To: vision2020 at moscow.com
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 09:57:38 -0700
Subject: [Vision2020] Happy Birthday, Slowhand

Yes, it’s
Eric Clapton’s birthday today.


I don’t
have all kinds of MP3’s readily available with website links, so here’s
to hoping Tom can hook us up with “The Core” or “Sunshine of
Your Love”, just for fun.




p.s.  hard to
believe this cat is older than my dad!

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