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And what do you think six beer, nine hours of inhaling second hand smoke, and four hours a day staring at a computer screen does to your health?
Life ain't worth living unless you can have a double quarter pounder with extra cheese and mayo and a thick chocolate milkshake once in a great while. But no, I wouldn't get it at McStrokalds. 
Best Regards,

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Arnold stated:

"Once someone can give me seeds to grow my own Double Quarter Pounder 
w/xtra cheese and a chocolate milkshake, I will be growing my own food."

A double quarter pounder w/xtra cheese?

Wow! That doesn't sound like a lunch as much as it does an iron-clad 
arterial suicide attempt.  Why not just toss in a super-sized order of 
salted fries and be done with it?

Gardens grow healthy food.  McDonalds sells artery hardeners.

I'll stick with Garrett's garden, thank you.

Hmmm.  Garrett's Garden?  Has a nice sound to it, Garrett.

Seeya round town, Moscow, for a long, long time.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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