[Vision2020] DishTV or DirectTV ?

Dave tiedye at turbonet.com
Tue Mar 10 18:24:51 PDT 2009

Try: No TV, it is by far the best option, I've been using it since '96. 

Strange things happen when you use human programing instead of letting a
bunch of TV executives program your mind.  Geeze, they even call it
"Television Programing", and still everyone flocks to it, just like
moths to a flame.


Steven Basoa wrote:
> I have been asked to inquire about people's experiences with Dish TV  
> and/or Direct TV.  Is one better than the other, are there reception  
> problems in inclement weather, installation issues, billing issues,  
> quality of service and repairs, etc.  Cable is not an option so long  
> as TImeWarner is the only choice.
> Thanks for any insights.
> Steven
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Windows, OSX, or Linux is the same choice as:
McDonalds, Burger King, or a (real) Co-Op.

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