[Vision2020] Obama to Rescind Conscience Rule

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Your question has been answered several times already. 

Here is a perfect example:

Example 1:

An MD is in a grocery store, looking for some nutmeg. A pregnant woman next to him drops  to the floor. She said she has a condition that needs treatment right away, or she could die or be permanently injured. The treatment could result in the death or injury of the unborn baby, or cause an abortion. The woman understands, and asks for treatment anyway. The MD most preform the treatment. 

Example Two;

An MD is working at a county hospital when a major disaster happens and the hospital is overwhelmed by a major crisis. A pregnant woman is in need immediate surgery, the treatment requires the doctor to abort the baby or risk allowing the woman to die. 

Example 3:

An MD is working at an ER. Another woman comes in with a gunshot wound. She only has enough resources to either save the life of the woman, or the baby, She must remove the baby, and kill it, in order to save the life of the woman?  

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The question  that everyone continues to not 
answer is since when does earning an M.D.  or entering the health care 
field automatically mean you must perform or facilitate abortions on 
I get the impression from comments you have made on 
this forum that you are a computer/internet "guy" Should you, assuming 
you would be otherwise disinclined, be forced to create web sites 
for Scientologists, pedophiles, or purveyors of porn? 
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> g. crabtree wrote:
>>  "I can certainly see situations 
(as Saundra Lund notes) where medical 
>> providers, citing their 
religious beliefs, refuse to provide prenatal 
>> care to various 
clients, refuse to give ED medication, refuse to do 
>> reconstructive 
>> I'm thinking that you imagine the 
situations more vividly then you 
>> might see them. Let's leave the 
religious aspect of this discussion 
>> aside for a moment. While I 
find it more then a little hard to believe 
>> that any other then the 
tiniest fraction of medical providers would 
>> withhold the services 
you list, I still would have to ask, so 
>> what? Get a different 
provider. As I have argued in the past, all 
>> purveyors of goods 
and/or services, whether they be landlords, 
>> physicians, 
pharmacists, bankers, grocers, mechanics, or anyone 
>> else should be 
free to decide who they want to work for and sell to 
>> based on 
whatever whim strikes their fancy.
>> You're 
apparently in favor of the right to be irresponsible. You're in 
favor of the right to not deal with the consequences of irresponsible 

>> behavior. Above all else you're in favor of the right to choose. 
>> about my and others rights? Why does the right to choose 
>> everyone else's right to view innocent life as something 
special and 
>> worthy of protection? What is it about your rights that 
are so special 
>> that I have to be forced to join with you in 
exercising them against 
>> my will?
> Don't physicians already have the right to quit their jobs 
and go work 
> elsewhere if they feel they are being forced to do 
something that goes 
> against their conscience?  Why do we need 
legislation to allow employees 
> not to perform their work duties?  
I don't particularly like the idea of 
> dialing 911 again and again until 
I get someone who is not a Jehovah's 
> Witness and is willing to give me 
a blood transfusion when I really need 
> it for example.
This is similar to the Muslim guy in the news a while back that refused 
to sell alcoholic beverages at a convenience store.  He's unsuited for 

> the job he's in.  He should be fired and replaced with someone who 
> willing to sell alcohol to adults.
> If you're in a 
job that might force you to do things you find 
> objectionable - find 
another job.
> Paul
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