[Vision2020] Pomona Gold Sheaf cerimony for seniors

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Tue Jun 23 11:57:50 PDT 2009

You mentioned that the grange was going to honor a specific person (whose
name escapes me, but I can find it later today) for his selfless
contributions to the community and that you would provide me information
(from the Grange meeting) for "Moscow . . . Paying It Forward".

WIll you still be able to provide me information on this/these
individual(s)?  You also volunteered to provide me photos.  DOes your
offer still stand?

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

> Tom
> You wanted to know when the grange would have their senior program. The
> Pomona Grande will meet at 6:00 pm  at the Grange Building at the
> Fairgrounds on Thursday, June 25. We will be honoring Grange seniors with
> 40 and 50 years of service to the grange. The Pomona Grange is comprised
> of member from the Moscow, Princeton and Kendrick Granges. The folks from
> the Colfax Grange will be there to help us. Also the State Master and his
> wife. Those being honored are. Kirk and Imogene Rush, Gordon Dailey, Miki
> Duross, Dortha Headrik, Carl and Kathy Hullquest, and Vira Huchinson. Kirk
> was the Ag Instructor at the Moscow High School and Gordon is a former
> Latah Agricultural Extension Agent. Kirk and Imogene will be 90 this
> summer and have been married 67 years. Gordon will be 89 this summer. You
> and anyone else who would like to come are invited. There will also be a
> pot luck meal.
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