[Vision2020] Proposed smoking ban ordinance

Shelley Roderick cjsnightclub at cableone.net
Fri Jun 19 17:48:56 PDT 2009

I hear that Moscow is looking at creating  a "smoking ban law"  for bars
Only!  A little prejudice aren't we? The Federal Statute states that when
You reach 21 years of age, you are a full adult and can and will be
responsible for all of your actions and decisions such as....smoking.
This "smoking ban" is a direct act of a taking of their liberties.....!
Bars and night clubs are the last bastion that allows young adults to
Exercise their constitutional rights and choice to enter into and consume
Tobacco and alcohol or not.  I firmly believe that the none smoking issue
Should be to protect those who do not have a choice and are forced to be
Around and consume second hand smoke, such as all public sidewalks, for
Which children ride their bicycles, walk to school, and go to the corner
Store.  How about the Parks??  Public places??  Such as....the city
Parking lot which hosts the Farmers Market which subjects hundreds of
People to second hand smoke.....and the City condones this?  The smoking
Ordinance should not be just for "bars"...if it has to be...it should be
For all businesses....all sidewalks....all public buildings...all public
Parking lots.  If the intent of the city is to save people from cigarette
Smoke, it should be the innocent people...not those who have a choice to
Enter an establishment or not.  This violates a persons constitutional
Right to liberty.......!!  Just look at New York City, or even
Closer...Boise.  Bars are going bankrupt in hordes.  An action by our
City doing this horrendous act will hurt the Universities recruitment,
Which will cause a cascade of financial woes throughout the city.
Don't forget.....300,000 plus dollars comes to the city coffers from
Liquor sales alone.  I don't know how much the city receives from tobacco
Let's look at the man that started this.  Do you know he manufactures
Sporting equipment in Mexico and owns more than 1 manufacturer in Mexico?
  Not one in Moscow......I guess we are not good enough!
Just a small sales crew selling his Mexico "made" goodies.  I will even
Bet most of the money made is left out of the USA.   He doesn't count on
The citizens of Moscow or the U of Idaho  and not even the farmers to
Make a living.  By his actions he demonstrates his selfishness and by
Bringing this action causing financial harm and hardship to all citizens
In our community.
We the "bar owners" are not millionaires.  We have invested our money,
Time and lives here in Moscow and we do count on the citizens and the
Students and the farmers for our financial well-being.  Don't take away
Our rights and force us "bar owners" into bankruptcy.  We the "bar
Owners" have given Hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to
Local charities.  This will end also.  If we don't have entertainment for
The University, the young adults will go elsewhere.  Who would want to be
In a boring town with no inexpensive entertainment.  The University would
Dwindle in enrollment and choke the whole community financially.  Do what
Is right!.....leave the smoking alone in bars......you have a
Choice.......Preserve our community and its financial well-being.
Phil Roderick
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