[Vision2020] More Banning?

bear at moscow.com bear at moscow.com
Thu Jun 18 07:47:00 PDT 2009

Well, it looks like our city council is up to more banning in the city as
Moscow seeks to ban smoking in bars. What they should ban in bars is

 In the Journal of  Public Economics, (Journal of Public Economics,Volume
92, Issues 5-6, June 2008), "Using geographic variation in local and
state smoke-free bar laws in the US, we observe an increase in fatal
accidents involving alcohol following bans on smoking in bars that is not
observed in places without bans. Although an increased accident risk
might seem surprising at first, two strands of literature on consumer
behavior suggest potential explanations — smokers driving longer
distances to a bordering jurisdiction that allows smoking in bars and
smokers driving longer distances within their jurisdiction to bars that
still allow smoking, perhaps through non-compliance or outdoor seating.
We find evidence consistent with both explanations. The increased miles
driven by drivers wishing to smoke and drink offsets any reduction in
driving from smokers choosing to stay home following a ban, resulting in
increased alcohol-related accidents. Nationwide in 2005, there were about
17,000 alcohol related fatalities.

So if the "blue noses" on City Council want to ban smoking, and cut down
on DUI's, they should ban drinking too!  But wait, that would cause all of
the lost revenue due to DUI arrests. And if ANY political body is  serious
about DUI, why not make the legal limit ZERO? Right now, you're allowed to
drive a little bit drunk .08 but God forbid that you should have a

It all depends on who's ox is being gored.

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