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I don't give two hoots in hell about your appology. I'm "suggesting" that you can't back up your repeated assertion regarding my views on slavery and the holocaust and that you are now trying to shift the discussion in an effort to avoid owning up to it. Believe me when I say this comes as no suprise.

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  Are you suggesting that you never defended Wilson, or his views on slavery? Do you think Wilson's views are as crazy as those of the holocaust denier? If so, then say so and I'll issue an appology!

  Joe Campbell

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    I'm still waiting for you to back up the "defends Wilson's book in slavery" and "my saying that "slavery wasn't so bad" or that the holocaust never happened." 

    Seems odd that you would be so adamant that others move mountains to back up their remarks (even though you disregard it when they do) and yet fecklessly refuse to do so yourself. Not much for accountability are ya?

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    >I haven't heard of half these people. Of these, most are not  
    > mainstream in the Fox is; of the others they are not as bad as Fox.  
    > Nor do I expect someone who defends Wilson's book in slavery to be  
    > able to notice how offensive Fox is.
    > Joe Campbell
    > On Jun 14, 2009, at 10:41 AM, "g. crabtree" <jampot at roadrunner.com>  
    > wrote:
    >> If you imagine that MSNBC with Olbermann, Madow, and Mathews,  
    >> Newsweek and Evan Thomas, and taxpayer funded NPR with Jeffery  
    >> Dvorkin, Nina Totenberg, Terry Gross and Michele Norris doesn't put  
    >> a particularly and decidedly liberal spin on its "information" then  
    >> you're even thicker than I previously imagined. No mean feat, that.
    >> g
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    >>> Paul,
    >>> And what does this have to do with anything I've said? You're   
    >>> obviously reading something into my post that I did not say.
    >>> Fox news is a disgusting example of bias, different in degree from  
    >>> any other news organization, IMO. That you would follow Tom's post  
    >>> with  some claim that "Everyone does it" strikes me as  
    >>> irresponsible since  it just muddys the water. Not every  
    >>> organization is biased in the way  Fox is. Someone needed to point  
    >>> that out and I did so. That is all  there is to it. I made no  
    >>> comments about conservative news  organizations in general, just  
    >>> the one bad apple.
    >>> Joe Campbell
    >>> On Jun 14, 2009, at 1:21 AM, Paul Rumelhart <godshatter at yahoo.com>   
    >>> wrote:
    >>>> Joe Campbell wrote:
    >>>>> This is precisely why I'm disagreeing with Paul. Folks like you   
    >>>>> have got him convinced that the NY Times is as bad as Fox News.   
    >>>>> What a joke!
    >>>> Nowhere did I say that the NY Times is as bad as Fox News.  All I   
    >>>> said was that all news has bias.  That includes both the NY Times   
    >>>> and Fox News, but it says nothing about the amount of bias  
    >>>> relative  to each other.
    >>>> You've drawn a line in the sand.  There is a "right" that watches   
    >>>> only Fox News, and there is a "left" that reads only the NY  
    >>>> Times.   The truth is, that line doesn't really exist as a line.   
    >>>> If you  really look at it, the right and left ideologies cover so  
    >>>> much  territory that you can't help but agree with a few concepts  
    >>>> "across  the line".
    >>>> If we're ever going to come back together again as a country, we   
    >>>> have to throw that crap out the window.  All of us have to do  
    >>>> this.   Instead of looking for where we might agree, we're  
    >>>> highlighting the  differences.
    >>>> Paul
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