[Vision2020] NYTimes: The Big Hate

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 14 01:21:01 PDT 2009

Joe Campbell wrote:
> This is precisely why I'm disagreeing with Paul. Folks like you have 
> got him convinced that the NY Times is as bad as Fox News. What a joke! 

Nowhere did I say that the NY Times is as bad as Fox News.  All I said 
was that all news has bias.  That includes both the NY Times and Fox 
News, but it says nothing about the amount of bias relative to each other.

You've drawn a line in the sand.  There is a "right" that watches only 
Fox News, and there is a "left" that reads only the NY Times.  The truth 
is, that line doesn't really exist as a line.  If you really look at it, 
the right and left ideologies cover so much territory that you can't 
help but agree with a few concepts "across the line". 

If we're ever going to come back together again as a country, we have to 
throw that crap out the window.  All of us have to do this.  Instead of 
looking for where we might agree, we're highlighting the differences.


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