[Vision2020] Obama to Name Sotomayor as Supreme Court Pick

Saundra Lund v2020 at ssl.fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 5 21:29:45 PDT 2009

There he goes again!

Roger wrote:
" l:fenews.com/nat4364.hlml"

That link doesn't exist, but I suggest you check out the following links for information on Palin and Wasilla's practice of charging rape victims for rape kits:

Roger also wrote:
"I will give you credit for backing off of the banned book rumor"

What the heck is wrong with you, Roger?!?!  Have you absolutely no shame?!  Or are you simply daft?!

You cannot give me credit for "backing off of the banned book rumor" because -- AGAIN -- I HAD NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO with spreading the rumor!  Rather, I was actively involved in STOPPING it.  I knew it was false before it first appeared on the Viz, and I immediately posted that fact to V2020 as soon as the rumor appeared here.  This is at least the THIRD TIME I've pointed this out to you, yet you continue to lie like a rug.

Yes, Roger, your behavior clearly constitutes lying, and it's malicious lying at that.  You have been provided the correct information several times now yet you continue to repeat your lies about me.  STOP IT, and STOP IT NOW!!!

As for the rest of your lies AGAIN, I AGAIN never posted about Palin's geography confusion and I challenge you to name the fictional constituent you want to use to explain away Palin's chilling inquiries about banning books from the public library.  Shoot, even contemporaneous records don't have Palin blaming unnamed constituents (her "explanation" at the time was entirely different) -- the mysterious "bushy haired stranger" explanation didn't appear until over a decade later when the McCain/Palin ticket was desperately trying to rewrite Palin's history.  I choose to accept Palin's frightening contemporaneous explanation rather than the campaign's transparent white-washing attempt over a decade later.

I guess you prefer to believe Palin was lying in 1996.  

Regardless of when you want to believe Palin was lying, get your facts straight, Roger, before making accusations about people who disagree with your deceit, and if you don't want to take the time to do that, then learn to put on your Big Boy pants and apologize when you step in it Big Time over and over and over.

Clearly you haven't paid attention to my posts or you'd know that I've definitely *not* drunk any Obama Kool-Aid.  He wasn't my first or even second choice for the Democrat ticket.  He took positions I strongly disagreed with before he was elected as president, and he's done things since being elected president of the United States I don't agree with.  I voted for him because I -- along with a clear majority of this country -- found him to be the best of the available candidates.  Factored into my decision were McCain's HUGE political blunder of picking a completely inappropriate VP candidate and the virtual disappearance during the campaign of the man I've admired and respected through the years.

But while there are things I strongly disagree with our president about, I think he's doing a good job under the very difficult circumstances he inherited after eight years of Bush's & the seriously unbalanced Cheney's disasters.  For the first time in a very long time, I feel this country is headed back in a positive direction with Obama at the helm -- we'd get there much more quickly if the GOP would quit whining, find their ethics again, and start thinking about the *good of this nation as a whole* rather than what's good for their own particular special interests.

In any case, I strongly suggest that you quit lying about things I've not posted because all you're managing to accomplish is to make yourself look more and more foolish and destroy whatever credibility you thought you had.

OTOH, I suppose I could have a lot of fun making up things *you* didn't post.  Except that would be dishonest, and while intentional dishonesty obviously suits you well, it doesn't suit me at all.

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.
~ Edmund Burke

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