[Vision2020] UI Retiree Lawsuit

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Tue Dec 22 05:42:20 PST 2009

Dave -

As a UI alum, and as much as it seriously pains me to say, . . .

If I were you (or your son), I would absolutely verify the "health" of the
program in which your son anticipates to participate (now, there is
something you can't say three times really fast).

What is his major?

What are the courses required to complete that degree?

Will those courses be around for the next five years?

Could you imagine your son entering the second half of his junior year
only to realize that two or three courses required to complete his degree
have been terminated because some management puke received a major pay
raise so that (s)he can pay his/her bar bill.

Seeya round toan, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
UI '96

> Would that include the contracts the students sign?  My son is about to
> sign a contract with the U.  The one that says that they will educate
> him if he pays them a whole lot of money.  I'm half temped to advise him
> to save his education fund and use it for something practical instead.
> The real irony of the situation is that his ed. fund comes from his
> g'pa, whom the U of I gave a honorary Doctorate awhile back.
> Dave

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