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Donovan (and vizzz peeps),


Last fall (2008) Moscow Ambulance responded to the Kibbie Dome parking lot
for some underage drunken student who had an injury of some form or another
at almost every home game, and a few were pretty serious.  MPD's presence
this year, along with rules closing down tailgating in the student areas at
kickoff time, greatly diminished our need to respond.  I don't think we had
any calls for incidents with overzealous tailgaters this year.


To me, that's not a waste.




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I hate it when police do these types of entrapment schemes.


I understand the police need to break up high school parties with drugs and
alcohol, but this tagging 18-21 year olds at college parties for giving a
beer to someone they have reason to believe is of age doesn't help anyone
and is a total waste of taxpayer money at a time when taxpayer funds is very


I think this time and money would be better spent writing jaywalking warning
tickets. Or spending time safety patrolling the UI Campus.


Your Friend,


Donovan Arnold

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December 14, 2009


As part of an education and enforcement strategy related to addressing
underage drinking the Moscow Police Department conducted five undercover
operations during October and November of 2009.  These operations utilized
underage informants who attempted to obtain alcohol at large parties after
home football games in and around the University of Id a h o .


As a result of these efforts four (4) individuals have been cited for
dispensing to a person under the age of 21 years - Idaho Code 23-603.


Robert Jackson W/M 21 of Moscow - one (1) count on 10-19-09 (citation served
on 11-18-09)

Richard Broaddus W/M 18 of Moscow - one (1) count on 10-19-09 (citation
served on 11-18-09)

Jacob Benedict W/M 22 of Moscow - two (2) counts on 11-3-09 (citation served
on 12-5-09)

Lucas Silveria W/M 22 of Moscow - one (1) count on 11-3-09 (citation served
on 11-17-09)


The undercover operations began on October 3 and ended on November 28, 2009.
The informants were allowed entry into the parties without having to show
identification and were provided with either beer or liquor without charge.
The informants observed no one selling alcohol at any of the venues they
entered during the five operations.  

Prepared by: 

            Chief of Police
Assistant Chief David Duke



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