[Vision2020] Vandalism Deplored as Hate Crime

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Mon Dec 7 14:55:43 PST 2009

And who can forget the infamous police complaint filed by Doug Wilson at
about the same time as the "NSA/Hitler Youth" vandalism, a complaint that
he (Doug Wilson) did not want investigated, merely maintained on file.

A quote from that police complaint (attached) . . .

"Other than their evident public malice expressed in other settings, I
have no evidence to say that the following people are responsible.  But,
these are some of the foremost people involved in displaying public

1.  Jackie Wolf aka J. Ford on Vision 2020

2.  Charlie Nolan - multiple aliases on Vision 2020

3.  Michael Metzler - www.poohsthink.com

4.  Tom Hansen

5.  Terry Morin"

By the way, how did that Writ of Mandate thing turn out?

Oh, you don't recall.

Maybe this will refresh your memory.



Tom Hansen, Intolerista
Moscow, Idaho

“I’ll just speak for our church, in Christ Church. If I found out that a
member of our church or a church officer was lying to non-believers in the
community, as a way to get by or protect themself or protect his
reputation, yes, he’d be disciplined.”

- Doug Wilson (January 31, 2007)

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