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Ellen Roskovich gussie443 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 24 08:22:27 PDT 2008

Yesterday afternoon I noticed some bare spots in the cupboard and decided it was a good time for a Winco run.   As I walked up and down each aisle I noticed that all the familiar products I've been buying for years have their prices jacked up 20 - 25%!!   And that's just since the first of the year.  These aren't seasonal adjustments we're talking about either. . . .  I  know this is a direct result of the rising gas prices.  I'm paying more for my Nalley's chili and my kitty's Friskies.
I've decided they must be feeding chickens crude oil because the price of eggs have been through the roof for months now.  Usually you see a price break around Easter, but not really this year.
I'm used to volatile cheese prices. . . a real pain in the patooty for pizzeria owners. . .but what's up with flour?  I've heard there's a shortage and I noticed that Winco has raised their French bread. . .about 20%.  You can't blame them. . . they're not running a charitable institution.
But it just really sucks when you realize that because of the rising fuel prices, you're getting kicked in the ass and socked in the gut.
Ellen A. Roskovich
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