[Vision2020] [CORRECTED] Re: Tibetan Fight for Freedom

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Mar 21 06:44:03 PDT 2008

Chasuk stated:

"If any one of our 50 states seriously decided to seek independence, we 
would suppress it militarily."

Say what?

FYI, Chas - We here in the Nifty Fifty (USA) enacted a document some 219 
years ago.  Until January of 2001 it served as a foundation for our 
nation's governance . . . The Constitution.

Here . . . read it for yourself.

If any of the Nifty Fifty were to seek secession, it would require an act 
of congress and ratification by the states.

But, then again, if you truly desire to defend King George (Bush) II, then 
maybe an armed response is your only option.

For a less violent gathering, I invite you (and everybody else) to attend 
this year's anti-war rally in friendship Square, 12:00 noon, Saturday 
(March 22). 

Seeya there, Moscow.

Tom Hansen

"People who ridicule others while hiding behind anonymous monikers in chat-
room forums are neither brave nor clever." 

- Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch (August 21,

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