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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sat Mar 8 06:52:19 PST 2008

Arnold stated:

"First of all, Catholics, not fundamentalists, are the dominate religion 
in the military."

I do not know about the other branches of military service, but the Army, 
as of September 2005 measures up as follows:

Protestant  51%
Catholic  21%
Other  2%
Faith Group Not Specified  26%

"In FY05 there were nearly 200 religious organizations represented in the 
Army, with the majority of Soldiers reported beinig affiliated with the 
Christian Faith."


"Army Demographics" (PDF format)

Published by:
Dr. Betty D. Maxwell, Chief
Office of Army Demographics
Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G-1
Headquarters, Department of the Army
Washington, DC

I am guessing that the last group, Faith Group Not Specified, consists 
primarily of soldiers who are not strongly religious or simply do not 
acknowledge any specific faith group over the others.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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