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Sun Mar 2 16:05:55 PST 2008

  I think we sometimes put to much into email, because we cannot always communicate everything and read people properly.
  We could take the abandoned oil rigs easily because they are already required by law to remove them if they stop using them. They don't remove though them because it costs money. I am sure many of them would gladly hand them over rather than paying the billions to remove or disassemble them. Of course, they probably won't hand them over if they knew we were going to use them for their intended purpose.
  There are also fisher man, fish farmers, clam farmers, ickiologists, oceanographers, diving companies, weather companies, and tourist companies that would love to own an oil rig as an island at sea.
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Chasuk <chasuk at gmail.com> wrote:
  On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 1:08 PM, Donovan Arnold
wrote to Sunil:

> You have way too much of an overactive imagination. You are obviously
> unaware that many oil rigs are sitting in the ocean unmanned, and turned off
> so that it drives up the oil prices. We don't have to go to other nations,
> or take anything the government and taxpayers didn't pay for in one way or
> another. We don't need to kill or shoot anyone. Just take back what is US
> property that was abandoned.

I guess I also have an overactive imagination. That, and I am unaware
of oil rigs off our coastline unmanned. It shouldn't surprise me. If
you are correct, then my previous objections are moot. If indeed our
oil companies are deliberately driving up prices, then I would
consider sending all of their CEOs to Guantanamo. Well, no I
wouldn't, but I wouldn't be too depressed if a way could be found to
take all of their toys away that didn't involve interminable,
expensive litigation. I might even concur to using our National Guard
to man these purported oil rigs.

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