[Vision2020] People that exposed Prince Harry in Afghanistan

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The British media where the ones that leaked the information to them. Nonetheless, if it wasn't the UK, I would be seeking to prosecute them. Putting soldiers on the ground in danger is inexcusable and traitorous to the west. They destroyed the dreams of a young man who wanted to service his country in a meaningful way. They put US allies in harms way, and compromised a military situation, and cost the military a good solider and lots of money. They aided the enemy, they aided terrorists that wish and have done harm to the west, including the US. 
  And just so you know, the Prince of Australia is also the Prince of England, 
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Sunil Ramalingam <sunilramalingam at hotmail.com> wrote:
      .hmmessage P  {  margin:0px;  padding:0px  }  body.hmmessage  {  FONT-SIZE: 10pt;  FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma  }    Since the story was first reported by Australian, German, and then an American 'journalist', seems to me the British have no ability to send any of them to Afghanistan, and none of them are traitors to the United Kingdom.


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  Just before the Normandy Invasion in WWII, General Eisenhower pulled the entire press in the war room. He explained exactly his plan for invasion, in detail. Then he hold them, if you leak any of this, the invasion will fail, the war will be lost, and soldiers will die in vein. Not one of the hundreds of reports in that room said a word of the plan. In fact, they helped cover the plan. 
  Today, we a different press.
  I think the reports that exposed Prince Harry placed him, his fellow soldiers, and his country in danger. 
  If I was the British Government I would find these reporters and drop them off in Afghanistan and leave them there if they don't care about the welfare of their country and the brave men and women that fight for their right to have freedom of the press. Without the military putting their lives on the line, there would be NO press. These people are traitors to their country, clearly and simply. 
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