[Vision2020] 935 False Statements Made Before War

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Dougie calling someone "unchristian-like in behavior" is like Charlie Manson accusing someone of the heinous crime of murder of a mother and child.

J  :]

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It's interesting to note how the democratic politicians and the liberal
news media maintain they were continuously "deceived" by the pack of
lying intelligence community with respect to Iraq, Afghanistan,
Pakistan and WMDs.  However, when presented with "facts" that Iran
has no nuclear program posing a threat to the US, Israel or the rest of
the free world, the intelligence community is now lauded by these same
politicians and media as the greatest fact finders and heros of the
day.  Why am I not surprised.

Of course nobody found WMD's.  Imagine my house is Iraq, and as a
sneaky "recovering" alcoholic, my bottle of vodka is a WMD.  Even
given the limited scale of contraband to hiding places, I can assure
you I can hide it such that you would never find it.  Now consider
the enormity of Iran and small WMD.  You seriously believe that
anyone much less the inept UN would be able to find anything?? 
Particularly if there is a strong incentive to keep it hidden? 
Particularly when they cannot search schools, hospitals, or religious
houses of worship?? GMAFB.

And Ms Mix . . . I think Ms Mix is truly Mix-ed Up if she believes the
administration could keep selective information from the media, other
politicians and the public in general.  And thank you for your
well wishes.  Your continuously snide, derogatory comments to
everyone you dislike never ceases to amaze me.  And you have the
gall to call anyone else on it.  I remain astounded at how you can
call yourself a Christian when you constantly demonstrate the most
un-Christian-like attitude of all the Christians (and many heathens) I
know . . .

Cheers GS


On 1/25/08, Donovan Arnold <donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com> wrote:
I have always believed that Saddam Hussein had WMDs because Reagan and Bush gave them to him in the 1980s.     Why
are we acting surprised at Bush's deception of those foolish enough to
believe him? It is easy to tell is a politician is lying, their lips
move.      I want to know which of the current candidates that are running tell the least number of lies.      Bush
is a lame duck. Let's focus on prevention of corruption in the future,
not on the corruption of the current administration.      Best,     Donovan

Ted Moffett <starbliss at gmail.com> wrote:
All-     Many
people were deceived by the coordinated effort to hype Iraq's WMD
capability in the late 1990s up to the 2003 invasion.  And it
seemed many forgot that the US supported Iraq's weapons programs with
aid, during the Reagan administration (why Reagan is such a huge hero
I can't fathom, given his involvement with the US Constitution
violating Iran/Contra scandal, aid to Saddam, support for Central
American death squad dictators, and ill advised support for the Taliban
in Afghanistan, the mujahideen 'freedom fighters,' and other black
marks).       Former
Bush administration Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld shook hands
with Saddam Hussein in 1983 when he served in the Reagan administration:     http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB82/press.htm
being ill informed or deceived about Iraq's WMD program and ties to Al
Qaeda is one thing.  Cheney, Bush and others in the Bush
administration, using the power of the executive
branch, deliberately deceived the US public in hyping this
danger, to justify an invasion and occupation of another nation by the
US military, killing, given a conservative estimate, over 100,000
civilians, with over a million Iraqis now refuges or internally
displaced (one reason the level of violence is down, with neighborhoods
now ethnically cleansed into exclusive Sunni or Shite areas,
as hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have fled for their
lives).  This is an impeachable offence, linked to
the commission of war crimes, especially with the justifications and
commission of torture, Abu Ghraib prison horrors, etc.      The
media, the vaunted Fourth Estate, along with the US Congress, failed
utterly to expose the fabrications (yellow cake uranium from Niger),
distortions (Iraq with ties to Al Queda and links to 9/11), and well
known falsehoods (false claim Iraq had obtained centrifuge tubes for
nuclear material processing), in the run up to the invasion.  Even
former Secretary of State Colin Powell has admitted he
presented erroneous information to the UN in his presentation before
the US invasion regarding Iraq WMD capability:      http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9C0CE3D9143FF934A25756C0A9629C8B63
nuclear weapons are more of a threat to world security, it can be
argued, than Saddam's WMDs ever were, given Pakistan has Islamic
militants operating inside its borders, with sympathizers in the
Pakistan military, who once supported the Taliban in Afghanistan. 
Amazing that a government with known ties to the Taliban and Al Qaeda,
with Bin Laden suspected to be in hiding near or within its borders, is
a US alley receiving millions in US military aid, while Saddam had
no substantial ties to the Bin Laden/9/11 Islamic militants.      There
are serious questions regarding why the US shifted the focus away from
catching Bin Laden in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border area after the
post 9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, while pushing for the invasion of
Iraq with a demonization of Saddam as a threat to US national
security.   And that the US public did not question this
refocus of our military, when the job of catching Bin Laden was left
undone, suggests a disturbing susceptibility to simple minded sound
bite scare tactic propaganda coupled with a very short attention span.      Ted Moffett     On 1/24/08, Andreas Schou <ophite at gmail.com> wrote:   

(1) Whose false statements did Kerry rely on in coming to the
conclusion that Hussein presented a "particularly grievous threat?" 

(2) What was the result of Clinton's Iraq policy, including threats of

force? Was it (a) an active WMD program, or (b) an inactive WMD

-- ACS

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