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Will any of your suggestions help pay for the foreign wars in which we are engaged?  Shouldn't we be trying to pay for these now instead of growing the deficit?


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Goodness knows I'm not particularly well grounded 
in economics but if it's my two cents you'll settle for, here goes. 

Step 1. Forget about the Santa Claus nonsense. The 
rebates are a feel good measure that will do nothing to stimulate the economy in 
any meaningful way. (however, returning tax dollars to actual tax payers IS 
a more reasonable action then simple welfare and pork barrel spending 
as proposed by the clintocrats.)
Step 2. Make the Bush tax cuts permanent. The 
threat of what amounts to a looming tax hike makes many small business's uneasy 
and puts a damper on job growth and capital improvements.
Step 3. Reduce the corporate tax rate by a minimum 
of 12 to 16% making American business's more competitive with our overseas 
Step 4. Come up with a real plan to get a handle on 
entitlement spending. Privatization struck me as a good start but the ultimate 
solution certainly escapes my pea sized brain.
Step 5. Stop bailing out the stupid. If financial 
institutions made ill advised loans or home owners took advantage of a risky 
loan to buy more house then they could afford, let them suffer the consequences 
of their actions. Rewarding dumb encourages more.
Step 6. Make it through the upcoming elections 
without putting a free spending democrat of any flavor in the White House for 
what should be obvious reasons. Elect someone with at least a shred of economic 
sense. Of the remaining viable candidates, Romney strikes me as the best able to 
put the country back on less shaky economic footing provided he 
doesn't face the same Congressional sabotage that GW did. (fat 
Step 7. (should probably be #1) Do everything 
humanly possible to cut spending and reduce the size of government. Again, 
obvious reasons, same skepticism.
Simple, aye?
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>I would like to see an analysis of the Economic Stimulus Package by 
those  who read vision200 who are grounded in economics. I like the idea of 
tax reduction, but am not impressed with the rebates.
> Roger

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