[Vision2020] Anderson "Silo" Development, Jackson & 6th, May Include Wind Turbines?

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Thu Jan 17 07:06:33 PST 2008

Clue here, dude - it said "MAY" include....those are words used by Dougie and his bunch when they want to make things look one way but have an option to be another.  IOW - gives them an out if they don't come through as hoped.

BTW - just how would they be able to do everything they want on such a small space?  Or are they planning on taking over Gritman, tearing it down and THEN putting up a wind Turbine?  Just not sure where they could put something THAT big along with a building on the same site.

Would welcome any "concrete" and solid answers from the great white (NOT!) hope, aka, Dougie and his "hood"....won't get it, but one can always hope.

J  :]

> Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 20:49:17 -0800
> From: starbliss at gmail.com
> To: vision2020 at moscow.com
> Subject: [Vision2020] Anderson "Silo" Development, Jackson & 6th,	May Include Wind Turbines?
> All-
> In today's (Wed. Jan. 16, 2008) Moscow/Pullman Daily News an article
> mentioned that the "Silo" development at 6th and Jackson may include
> wind turbines and "Green" certification.  Let's hope the proposed
> Hawkins "sprawl mall" in the Moscow/Pullman corridor, if inevitable,
> would also adopt an alternative energy and energy conservation
> oriented approach.
> Ted Moffett
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