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Fortunately, I don't know this guy. I've never met him, no one in my family 
has crossed his path, and I haven't been involved with the goings on at camp 
grizzly for over three and a half decades.

What makes you think I would know any more than was presented in the media? 
I suspect that, in fact, you don't and that it's a rather transparent 
attempt to smear others by association where no association exists. What a 

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> The following articel was copied and pasted from Courtney's blog, and also
> attached to this posting.
> Certain portions of this article were highlighted by Courtney, suggesting
> to me that he is interested in this case.  As such, I posted some comments
> and questions hoping to establish a dialogue.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Teacher arrested in Moscow after allegations of unlawful sexual
> contact with boys
> The following article ran in today's Lewiston Tribune.
> MOSCOW - A 38-year-old Tumwater, Wash., teacher has been arrested on
> allegations that he had unlawful sexual contact with two boys at Camp
> Grizzly last summer, the Idaho State Police said Tuesday in a news
> release.
> Timothy Andrew Kellis was a counselor at the Harvard-area Boy Scout camp
> when he engaged in a "continuous course of contact" that included fondling
> and lewd and lascivious contact with the boys, who were younger than 16,
> according to ISP.
> He was booked into the Latah County Jail on $25,000 bond, which he posted
> Tuesday morning, according to the District Court clerk's office. He is
> charged with one felony count of sexual abuse of a child younger than 16,
> and two felony counts of lewd conduct with a minor younger than 16.
> His preliminary hearing is set for 10:30 a.m. April 24.
> According to ISP, Detective Lyle Bolon started an investigation into
> Kellis last Thursday. He was arrested two days later in Moscow without
> incident, according to ISP.
> In the news release, ISP also said Kellis worked as a teacher at Highland
> High School in Craigmont from 2001 to 2006. He may have worked as a
> counselor at Camp Grizzly prior to 2007, according to the news release,
> and he has taught at a Tumwater school since 2006.
> ------------------------------------------------
> The question I posed to Courtney (and was quickley removed):
> Has pastor Wilson provided counseling to Timothy Andrew Kellis, thus
> affording Mr. Kellis the opportunity for repentance (as pastor Wilson has
> done for Steven Sitler, a convicted serial pedophile), or is pastor Wilson
> selective in who he provides religious counsel?
> That, gc, was the extent of my comments.  Now, perhaps somebody can loan
> Courtney a backbone so that he can "man up".
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
>> 1. I don't have any idea what questions you are talking about.
>> 2. I don't have a clue why you think I would have any special knowledge
> of
>> the topic.
>> 3. Considering the nature of the topic, I find it hard to imagine why
> the
>> questions aren't being directed to local authorities.
>> Why don't you make plain what it is you are yammering about. I'll
> respond as
>> best I'm able.
> g
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