[Vision2020] Al Sharpton & Pat Robertson Together Addressing Climate Change

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 21:52:24 PDT 2008

When I first read that Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson would appear together
in commercials to advocate action on climate change, I said I would not
believe it till I saw it.  I just saw it on FX channel, running during the
film "One Hour Photo" with Robin Williams:


Let's see... If Nick Gier and Douglas Wilson appeared together in public to
advocate action on climate change, would this be a comparable local event?
But we know that Wilson, Courtney, et. al., appear to march in lock step
opposing the overwhelming scientific evidence that anthropogenic climate
change is a serious problem.  We read Courtney at right-mind discussing the
"church of global warming," as though the evidence for the problem is not
based on valid science.  This view requires a complex psychoanalytic
deconstruction, given it originates from someone embedded in a
fundamentalist religious perspective.

Hmmmm....a fertile theme for future Vision2020 posts...

Ted Moffett
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