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Tue Apr 1 11:38:45 PDT 2008

Did you all see this article in today's Daily Noise?

Topfree Carwash Stimulates Growth
by Ima Joaker
April 1, 2008

MOSCOW- Another unusual alliance has formed in Moscow
as a result of the current pro-growth City Council. 
Community activist Saundra Lund and Councilman Dan
"Are A Man" Carscallen have started the Topfree
Carwash Club.  They hope to show that economic growth
in Moscow can be achieved using local resources.

"We have a town full of idle college students.  We
have dirty cars.  And with apparently enough water to
sell to out-of-state development, what better business
to start in Moscow?" Lund said.

Lund approached councilman Carscallen during the
November campaign.  Lund agreed to support Carscallen
after he jumped at the chance to become an
entrepreneur.  "I knew Saundra had a good idea from
the get-go.  I had to wait an hour in line the last
time Moscow had a topless carwash there was so much
demand.  Heck, now I won't have to wait in any line,"
Carscallen said.

Carscallen was referring to the controversial topfree
carwash started by two UI students in 2002.  Their
carwash, advertised as "XXX Carwash" took place on
public streets, upsetting many area residents.  Local
Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church rallied his
congregation to pressure the City Council to stop
women from showing their breasts in public.  The
council eventually passed a nudity ordinance, which
itself proved controversial.

When asked about the Topfree Carwash Club, Pastor
Wilson said he was "surprised" by the unusual
alliance.  He did not realize the Greater Moscow
Alliance-endorsed councilmen would be so inclusive. 
"I realize the new City Council was pro-growth, but I
didn't think they'd be this pro-growth.  It's
gross-growth.  Breasts are for feeding babies, not
buffing cars."

Lund was active in trying to overturn the nudity
ordinance after it passed.  She and other Muscovites
for Equal Rights members were upset that the council
passed a law that barred women from showing any
portion of their breasts in public view.  "Our
Constitution guarantees equal protection under the
law.  It is illegal to pass laws that essentially are
sexist.  Why are only women subject to this?  After
all, good-looking, bare-chested men turn me on as much
as a bare-chested women may turn on a man.  We
shouldn't have laws that repress the rights of women
to prevent the corruption of men."

Lund decided to start a topfree carwash after
realizing that there is nothing illegal about having
such a business in Moscow as long as it is out of
public view, according to her conversation with city
attorney Randy Fife. "We're counting on Randy to
provide accurate information about this," Lund said.

Lund approached Carscallen after he declared his
intent to run for City Council.  The two developed a
business plan, garnered support from other council
members, and have been recruiting men and women
carwashers.  "We want to attract both sexes to our
club," Lund said.

"We're actually not a public business," Carscallen
explained.  "Due to the nudity law, we had to start a
private club.  Anyone can join, as long as they're
over 18 years old.  We already have about 100

The Topfree Carwash Club will have its grand opening
in April.  "We're timing it around Earth Day,"
councilman, and TCC member, Tom Lamar said.  "We
wanted to highlight the Earth-friendly aspects of the

Water used at the carwash will be reclaimed and used
on PCEI's community garden.  Since carwashers have a
minimal uniform, less resources are needed to cloth
employees.  "Any clothes they do wear will be made
from organic hemp," Lamar elaborated.  The club is
also offering a 10% discount to Moscow Food Coop

Local rabble rouser Garrett Clevenger, who helped
fight the nudity ordinance with Lund, but has been
critical of the council's agreement to sell water to
Hawkins, was ambivalent about the carwash, though he
wished the club success.  "I never wash my car, so I
probably won't join.  I guess since it seems the city
has so much water to sell, why not stimulate Moscow's
growth this way?"

Clevenger explained that since the carwash would
attract people from outside Moscow, there would be a
spill over effect for other Moscow businesses.  "At
least the council is consistent in supporting free
enterprise.  I'd be disappointed if the council was
hypocritical in cherry-picking what kind of business
could operate in Moscow after accusing the last
council of the same thing."

Clevenger was referring to the last City Council that
determined to limit the type of businesses allowed in
Moscow.  That "smart growth" council blocked big box
type stores and was labeled anti-growth for
suppressing the entrepreneurial spirit.

Happy April Fools Day!  While I may be attempting to
by funny, there is a point to this post...


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