[Vision2020] Incumbent City Council Members Stacking the Election

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 21:46:17 PDT 2007

  I am assuming nothing. The Mayor consulted the City Council regarding an appointment. The majority of council members informed her they have reached a consensus that they would make not approve any appointment until after the last day to file as a candidate and be placed on the ballot. 
  That is what the Mayor said, and no council member has contradicted it. A vote was not taken, that was the problem. The City Council should have appointed a person to fill the vacancy ASAP. The fact that they didn't was a move that damaged the city, and helped the majority of the City Council members running for reelection. 

Mark Solomon <msolomon at moscow.com> wrote:

  You are assuming this was a decision that was put to a vote as opposed to the mayor sounding the Council members and making a decision based on something other than majority rules.


  At 6:54 PM -0700 9/24/07, Donovan Arnold wrote:
  Mark,     Just like I told Tom I., I know because the math does not lie. The majority of the council at the time was at least three, the minority no more than two, and three are up for election, two are not, so it is not possible to have a majority without at least one person running again.     If a politician stands to personally gain greatly from a decision made using their office, they need to make very clear those reasons, especially when such a decision is made and damages democracy or the public interest.      Best,     Donovan 

Mark Solomon <msolomon at moscow.com> wrote:
  How do you know that the objection came from the incumbents seeking re-election and not the two members whose terms are not yet expired? Aside from that, I agree with you that the seat should have been filled as soon as it was legally possible to do so regardless of proximity to the filing deadline or person to be appointed.  
  At 11:04 AM -0700 9/22/07, Donovan Arnold wrote:
  The Mayor has indicated that she could not appoint anyone to the city council because members of the council were unwilling to approve any appointment until after the last filing date to be placed on the ballot. http://www.moscow.id.us/pressrelease.asp
   In my opinion it is unethical behavior to use the power of your office to rig the ballot as to not have any serious competition on election night. Kit Craine should have been appointed long ago, and for other members of the city council to keep her (or any new appointee) off the ballot so they have a better chance of reelection seems unbecoming of an elected official and this clearly moves AGAINST the best interests of the people of Moscow to have as many qualified candidates as possible on the ballot.
   In my opinion, the incumbent candidates on the City Council have demonstrated they are willing to use the power of their office to make damaging decisions against the people of Moscow, like preventing a quality candidates like Kit Craine from being on the ballot, for their own selfish interests and personal gains.
   Donovan J Arnold
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