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Is there a law stating that churches can only build in certain areas of Moscow? Also, is the Islamic community center located next to Ambassador Auto, considered CBD? Does anybody know?

Tom, I am not understanding why you say that taxes are what "helps a community grow" but yet most everything you post or seem to agree with, has been against community growth. Even if CC grows and buys into business, don't they have to pay state and federal taxes?


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Very, very good, g –


Now, let’s move on to the next step,


The key word in central business district
is BUSINESS. And, yes, I am going to “fall back” (as you say) on
the “T” word (taxes).  


Businesses located in the central business
district paying taxes.  That is what helps a community grow.  NOT
tax-exempt churches, schools, etc. etc., all managed by the same piss ant group
of sock puppets with nothing better to do than whine about ever-increasing
property taxes that become the burden of local hard-working, tax-paying,
law-abiding proprietors.


As much as I would love to sit here and
explain reality to you, there is an election coming up and I have miles to go
before I sleep.


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho

"We're a town of about 23,000 with 10,000 college students. The college
students are not very active in local elections (thank goodness!)."

- Dale Courtney (March 28, 2007) 

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Question, th


Of all the property in the central business district, what
percent is owned by CC? One percent? Maybe two? 


Lets follow your query to its logical end. CC owns fifty to
sixty percent of the CBD. So what? Please don't fall back on the property tax
issue since we all know that church property, used for church purposes will be
tax exempt no matter where it is, downtown or elsewhere. If it's owned by
the church or its members and used for commercial purposes it will be taxed the
same as any other parcel. 


With this being the case, why would it matter if they were
to own every square inch of downtown Moscow?
What exactly would be the down side? The maddening rectal itch you might
receive from such a turn of events really doesn't count.



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Question, PK –


Of ALL the churches of ALL the countries
throughout the world, which ONE owns (and is buying up) property in the central
business district of Moscow,


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho

“I’ll just speak for our church, in Christ Church. 
If I found out that a member of our church or a church officer was lying to
non-believers in the community, as a way to get by or protect themself or
protect his reputation, yes, he’d be disciplined.”

- Doug Wilson (January 31, 2007)

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And, I would ask if you are aware of how much property is
owned by groups or individuals in this area that have nothing to do with CC?
The catholic church? The Mormons? The whoever?? This is persecution of one
group against whom you have a personal vendetta and has nothing to do with the
community as a whole...get over it! 07 11:45 AM


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