[Vision2020] Vision 2020 Post Inaccurate

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Sep 12 16:19:06 PDT 2007

I believe that Gaye Adegbalola summed it up quite nicely with her . . .


You guys at Anselm House should already be familiar with this song.  So,
don't feel shy.  Sing along.

Note to Debi:  I mean this song in the best of terms and interpretation.

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"People who ridicule others while hiding behind anonymous monikers in
chat-room forums are neither brave nor clever."

- Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch (August 21, 2007) 

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Good on the exposer! Tri-State has been a great supporter of many social 
justice issues, of disabled persons, and of keeping the Moscow community a 
Community. Gerry (and the entire Tri-State Family) have supported local 
schools, local sports teams, and local causes. I'm pleased that someone 
noticed and said "NAY" when Tri-State was lumped in with Gerald Weitz's 
attempt to bring down our great Moscow School District. I truly believe if 
Weitz had his way, all kids would be tested early and channeled into work 
based on background and head measurement. He is completely off his rocker, 
and that we take him seriously is a measure of how far this community has 
lost itself in a "whatever..." attitude.  He should have been evaluated for 
absence of common sense years ago, but then so should a bunch of folks we 
"tolerate" in our community.
Debi R-S 

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