[Vision2020] Vision 2020 Post Inaccurate

Sue Hovey suehovey at moscow.com
Tue Sep 11 23:13:44 PDT 2007

Hello there,

The person who circulated the memo on Vision 2020 that there was a petition 
at Tri State for those to sign who wanted the "reconciliation, mediation, 
whatever" was none other than Don Harter.  The day he posted the item to 
Vision  I went to Tri State to check it and found that Don had placed the 
petition on the public bulletin board himself. At that point it had no 
signatures.  I went back the next day and it still had no signatures.   I 
left the note in the suggestion box for Gerard asking that he not circulate 
the petition, but I also recognized it was a bulletin board for the public 
to use and I knew that just because the petition was there it was not a 
public statement of Tri State support.  Knowing Gerard and his very solid 
support for schools and all sorts of community endeavors I believed he did 
not support the petition or the move by Gerry Weitz and Jim Demeerleer. 
Additionally, I also recognized a bulletin board put in a place of business 
for the people who frequent that business will often display items which the 
owners do not necessarily support.

I am very grateful to Gerard and never on this site did I lump him in with 
Weitz and his ilk.  He is just not that sort of person.  After I left the 
message in the suggestion box I did not go back to the store to check on the 
petition because I felt then, and still feel, that just because the petition 
was there, is no implication of the amount of support it has from the owner. 
But I also thought Gerard would take care of it, and he did.

I do hope this message serves as a clarification to all who might have 
thought I was blaming Gerard for the petition.  I did not do that.  Don 
Harter, himself, said he had taken a copy to Tri State for people to sign. 
>From his statement one might have inferred Tri State support.  When I went 
out to check, it had been posted to the bulletin board and as far as I could 
tell there was no initial or other mark to indicate it had been approved by 
the management.  I doubt they even knew it was there, hence my note which I 
placed into the suggestion box.

Sue Hovey
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> Good on the exposer! Tri-State has been a great supporter of many social
> justice issues, of disabled persons, and of keeping the Moscow community a
> Community. Gerry (and the entire Tri-State Family) have supported local
> schools, local sports teams, and local causes. I'm pleased that someone
> noticed and said "NAY" when Tri-State was lumped in with Gerald Weitz's
> attempt to bring down our great Moscow School District. I truly believe if
> Weitz had his way, all kids would be tested early and channeled into work
> based on background and head measurement. He is completely off his rocker,
> and that we take him seriously is a measure of how far this community has
> lost itself in a "whatever..." attitude.  He should have been evaluated 
> for
> absence of common sense years ago, but then so should a bunch of folks we
> "tolerate" in our community.
> Debi R-S
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>> Somebody on Vision 2020 apparently lied about Tri-State circulating a
>> petition favoring Dr. Weitz.
>>>From today's (September 11, 2007) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks 
>> L. Gerard Connelly (President, Tri-State Distributors Inc.) -
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Vision 2020 post inaccurate
>> I recently discovered a written comment and suggestion in a box that we
>> provide at our store for our customers, that said a post on the Vision
>> 2020
>> Internet site stated that Tri-State was "a place circulating the petition
>> for (Gerald) Weitz and the school district to mediate the lawsuit."
>> That statement is false. No such activity is allowed on Tri-State
>> property.
>> Our company has a long and proud history of support of education in our
>> market area, at every level, public and private, and all area educational
>> institutions may be assured of our continued support.
>> We sincerely appreciate the customer who brought this to our attention 
>> and
>> welcome any and all customer comments and suggestions.
>> L. Gerard Connelly
>> President, Tri-State Distributors Inc.
>> Moscow
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Seeya round town, Moscow.
>> Tom Hansen
>> Moscow, Idaho
>> "People who ridicule others while hiding behind anonymous monikers in
>> chat-room forums are neither brave nor clever."
>> - Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch (August 21, 2007)
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