[Vision2020] Denmark as Capitalist Country

Nicholas Gier ngier at uidaho.edu
Tue Sep 11 12:58:53 PDT 2007

Hi Kai,

I re-read your post and I now realize that I misread the first sentence 
with reference to capitalist societies.  Please accept my apologies.

You should not rely too much on your UK friends on the question of
social mobility
because both the UK and Denmark out perform us in that area. A full 40
percent of Americans will remain at the bottom fifth, while only 25
percent of Danes do or 30 percent of those in the UK.

You are now misreading me.  I did not at all suggest that the U.S.
become a constitutional monarchy.  All that I'm saying is that where it
has been a tradition and where kings and queens behave themselves and
have the confidence of their subject, they play an essential role in
holding those countries together.

Another solution to a politicized leader is the system that India,
Israel, and Germany follow.  The Presidency, usually elected by the
Parliament, is a non-partisan post whose occupant represents the country
at all important non-political events.  The most recent President India,
a Muslim, has been very popular and successful in that role.

Thanks for the dialogue,


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